👋 Hi, welcome to [[Chimplie]] 🌱[[digital garden]] - a collection of notes to tell our ever-evolving story :) --- The story started in the summer of 2016, with [[Jaros]] working as a [[product management]] consultant, **helping companies scope and build software products:** * defining [[product specification]]. * guiding [[tech team formation]]. * providing [[delivery management]]. --- During 2017, we formed a [[software development]] team to help companies build modern web applications. --- In 2020 we expanded to offer [[tech recruitment]] services to help companies understand, attract, and retain tech talent. --- 🤙 Connect with [[Jaros]] for collaboration. 🤝 See if the time is right to [[join us]]ツ --- 🚧 P.S: **this 🌱[[digital garden]] is very much work-in-progress**, just started planting the seeds, come back in a few months 🙃 ![[meme_honest_work.png]]