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Building software, having fun.

We are a small group of curious tech people helping companies build quality software.

Most of us are from Ukraine, but we are very open to like-minded people from other corners of the world. We are organised as a Swedish-based company and, for now, all the companies that we collaborate with are based in Sweden.

We wish to engage into meaningful work and to find joy, fulfilment, and balance in the process of professional realisation. To do what we are good at and passionate about. To stay curious and to never lose the sense of wonder.

Striving to support one-another with professional development and career progression, we co-create a fulfilling work environment built around engagement, learning, sharing, trust, and respect.


Love and be driven by what you do.
If not, why not do something else?


Be good and effective at what you do.
Why waste your creative capacity?


Be honest and open about what you do.
Why bother hiding stuff?


Find joy and fulfilment in what you do.
Otherwise, what's the point?