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Technology Audit

Looking to evaluate your technology solution?

Seeking a fresh take or some expert advice?

Need guidance on how to best move forward?

We can help

Receive an insightful evaluation of the technology aspect of your business.


  • Sufficiency of technical expertise.
  • Awareness of competency gaps.
  • Knowledge management.


  • Direction of the engineering effort.
  • Effectiveness, clarity, and agility.
  • Impact on team collaboration.


  • Suitability for the current needs.
  • Sufficiency for the future milestones.
  • Impact on onboarding new engineers.


  • Stability, maintainability, expandability.
  • Engineering culture and best practices.
  • Sufficiency of technical documentation.


  • Suitability for the company needs.
  • Practicality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Flexibility and scalability.

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