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Solution Engineering

Need support with product development?

Lacking resources for R&D initiatives?

Planning to build a new product?

We can help

Integrate us into your team, or delegate an area of responsibility.

Team formation

  • Analyse competency requirements.
  • Define roles and distribute responsibilities.
  • Lead team expansion and onboarding.

Engineering management

  • Define processes and the delivery structure.
  • Decompose the roadmap into milestones.
  • Guide the team towards releases.


  • Decide upon the optimal tech stack.
  • Define infrastructure requirements.
  • Design a scalable and secure system.


  • Establish a development environment.
  • Ensure system availability and stability.
  • Optimise operational costs.


  • Build, test, and deploy the solution.
  • Follow engineering best practices.
  • Advice on product roadmap.

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