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Join our distributed product team to do what you are good at and passionate about.
We are a community of Tech & Business professionals doing what we are good at and passionate about.

We are the link between driven tech people and exciting product companies – striving to support our members with personal development and career progression, we focus on building robust human relations instead of just filling vacancies. We are a people's company after all.
Our mission is to create a fulfilling work environment built around engagement, learning, sharing, friendship, trust, and respect. You work on your terms – decide where you wish to work from, when, and how. We provide space to hang out at, people to team-up and have fun with, and projects to engage in and learn from. We also take care of all the boring administrative stuff, so you can focus on doing what you love.
At the same time, Chimplie is a product company - exploring web services, APIs, and integrations in the Future of Work domain. We are fascinated by tools like Slack, Airtable, and Roam Research - how they amplify the creative output, make people more productive, and the process of work more joyful and fulfilling. We are contributing to this space by building products that help distributed teams reach their full potential.
Join us!

3+ years
Kyiv, Stockholm, or Remote
Front-end Focus
We're looking to expand our team with 2-3 frontend engineers to engage with multiple new projects on our roadmap - Apps for web and mobile, Slack integrations, and extensions for Airtable and Roam Research.

You will join a small, cross-functional team, where the nature of the project and the scope of work would match your passions and talents.

You should have 3+ years of production experience with some SPA framework (preferably React), and be enthusiastic towards new technologies.

Our ideal candidate would aspire to make key front-end architecture decisions and be a servant-leader when it comes to their execution.

3+ years
Kyiv, Stockholm, or Remote
Back-end Focus
We are building a Slack bot interface for a system that streamlines work experience for distributed teams.

Currently in the scoping and architecture planning phase, we are not yet set on what technologies will best fit our needs and ambitions. We are choosing between asynchronous Python, NodeJS, or Go, and we feel like each option comes with a set of pros and cons. We would like you to have a say in the choices we are going to make.

You should have 3+ years of production experience with at least one of the above-mentioned languages. Some experience with AWS would be a nice bonus =)

Regardless of your skills and experiences,
if you feel like we are a good match - we'd love to talk!
There may be no suitable opportunity for you right away,
but a good conversation can go a long way...
A brief call to get to know each other, discuss our current opportunities and your aspirations
A casual interview, where we discuss in detail the opportunity most relevant to you and see if we are a good match
Let's dive into your technical skills, evaluate your expertise, and discuss your approach to problem solving
The last step, a chance for us both to reflect, and clarify any details, before deciding to build great things together
Please note: We work in a purely English-speaking environment. We would like for you to be comfortable with English - both in writing and speech.
What is you main area of expertise?
What are you good at?
What are you passionate about?
What is your expected salary?
Link to your LinkedIn profile
Other notes
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We are Chimplie
Founded in 2016 in Stockholm, today we are 30 people distributed across Ukraine and Sweden. We have a base in Kyiv, right next to the Golden Gate. But you really don't have to be there all the time (or at all) – work from where (and when) you feel most inspired. Flexible by design, we've been remote since before it was cool
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