Reimagining grocery shopping

We offer on-demand grocery delivery in 10 minutes, and our users love it.

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Kavall is a rising Stockholm-based startup disrupting the food-tech scene. We want to lift the burden of tedious grocery planning & shopping, and offer a hassle-free, swift experience - one that you will never want to replace with a supermarket trip ever again.
Founded in April 2021, it took us 5 weeks to build a fully functional MVP, launching a lightning-fast hyper-local grocery delivery service to customers in central Stockholm.
With amazing early traction and super happy users, we are now on an expansion journey to introduce 10-minute grocery delivery services all across Europe.
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Time to market
5 weeks
First delivery made
May 2021
Kavall is a mobile-focused service for grocery delivery. Today we have a Flutter App, integrated with Node.js (Typescript) APIs, powered by the Firebase products. Behind the Node.js middle layer we have a number of SAAS solutions integrated into our stack.

We see value in maintaining a micro service architecture with good boundaries, allowing us to quickly add in components that fit our needs today, and later replace them when our needs change. With the speed of expansion being the primary goal, our strategy is to - whenever possible - Buy (rather than Build) great 3rd party solutions.

Within 5 weeks of launching the product to market, we didn't spend much time designing the perfect architecture. Everything is open to change and we expect to change a lot over time.

Our Tech

Our Team
Senior Flutter Engineer
Co-founder & CPO/CTO
Middle Back-end Engineer
Co-founder & COO
Co-founder & CEO
Senior Back-end Engineer

We are hiring!
We're looking for experienced developers to join our team. We value candidates who are comfortable with making decisions and quickly rebounding after failures. Join us and let's grow together!

3+ years
Kyiv or Remote
Mid - Senior Back-end Engineer (Node.js)
We're looking for two developers (Mid to Sr) to focus on the back-end and the integrations. You will play a key role in our back-end strategy, drive architectural decisions, and be involved in product development from A-Z.

This is a great opportunity to become one of the first engineers at a startup that is about to explode in growth, and to experience all the resulting joys and challenges.


  • Effortless English
  • Strong grasp on CS fundamentals
  • 3+ years of commercial software development experience
  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages
  • Familiarity with Node.js
  • Affinity for unit testing
  • Experience building products from scratch
  • Be open to imperfection and feel ok to fail fast and move on

Bonus (nice-to-haves):
  • Familiarity with Firebase
  • Familiarity with Serverless architecture
  • Experience with deploying, monitoring, testing, and debugging

Some of our perks:
• Flat team with minimum bureaucracy
• Flexible working hours
• 100% remote-friendliness (before, during, and after pandemics)
• Competitive salary
• 24 work days vacation
• Career guidance and professional development activities
A brief call to get to know each other, discuss our current opportunities and your aspirations
A casual interview, where we discuss in detail the opportunity most relevant to you and see if we are a good match
Let's dive into your technical skills, evaluate your expertise, and discuss your approach to problem solving
The last step, a chance for us both to reflect, and clarify any details, before deciding to build great things together
Please note: We work in a purely English-speaking environment. We would like for you to be comfortable with English - both in writing and speech.
First & Last
What is you main area of expertise?
What are you good at?
What are you passionate about?
What is your expected salary?
In USD per month, net
Link to your LinkedIn profile
Other notes
Feel free to attach your CV
PDF format preferable
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