Impact the Future of Grocery Shopping

We are transforming recipes into one-click shopping experiences

Join us on our journey!
Founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Northfork is a technology company that's driving a shift in consumer expectations and retailer experiences by making recipes shoppable.
ingredients across 70k recipes
products across 4 retailers
monthly inventory updates
API calls per month
We build smart algorithms and infrastructure to allow for almost real-time stock management, apply NLP for ingredient-to-product matching, and use modern UI frameworks to create seamless user experiences.
Too many people still shop groceries like our grandparents did, by writing long lists and buying dozens of individual products. We believe there is a better way. This is why we redefined the experience, focusing on what people really want - a tasty meal.
Some of our partners:
Widgets are our newest offering, allowing us to integrate core Northfork functionalities into our clients' websites. We enable a one-click shopping experience for the user, breaking recipes down into individual products, and sourcing them in collaboration with top retailers. This allows for effortless recipe monetisation on any platform.
Northfork is a SAAS platform that makes recipes shoppable. We do this by understanding, structuring, and processing data about recipes and products in smart ways, and exposing API endpoints that allow our clients to easily build rich user experiences for seamless grocery shopping. We're proud to be a technology provider to Walmart - the world's largest retailer, and leading Nordic retailers - Coop and Ica.
The core technology is about converting recipes into products. We have an event-driven microservices architecture built using PHP's Symfony, Kafka event bus, cached by Redis and Varnish, hosted on AWS and stored in MySQL. For our front-end we use React.
Our Product

We are hiring!
We're looking for experienced developers to join our team. There's a lot on the horizon for us at Northfork, and we'd love for you to join us in this journey.

4+ years
Kyiv or Remote
Senior Front-end Engineer (React)
  • Drive our front-end strategy and development
  • Collaborate with the designer and the sales team to better tailor the client offer
  • Help clients integrate Northfork widgets into their web products

  • Effortless English
  • Significant experience with React, HTML and CSS
  • Autonomy and accountability

Bonus (nice-to-haves):
  • Familiarity with architecture patterns, system design, product lifecycle

4+ years
Kyiv or Remote
Senior Back-end Engineer (PHP)
  • Actively participate in product development
  • Work on implementing new features based on customer needs
  • Take part in R&D and drive Northfork's tech innovation

  • Effortless English
  • Significant experience with PHP (ideally Symfony)
  • Autonomy and accountability

Bonus (nice-to-haves):
  • DevOps experience (AWS, Aurora DB, Linux)
  • Familiarity with architecture patterns, system design, product lifecycle

Some of our perks:
• Flat team with minimum bureaucracy
• Flexible working hours
• 100% remote-friendliness (before, during, and after pandemics)
• Competitive salary
• 24 work days vacation
• Career guidance and professional development activities
The last call to close any open questions from either side, and make final reflections before proceeding to the offer
A call with the team to evaluate your technical fit and clarify any tech-related questions you might have
A casual intro call to get to know each other, discuss the role, and see if we're a good match for each other
Please note: We work in a purely English-speaking environment. We would like for you to be comfortable with English - both in writing and speech.
First & Last
Phone number
What is you main area of expertise?
What is your expected salary?
In USD per month, net
Link to your LinkedIn profile
Feel free to attach your CV
PDF format preferable
Any other notes
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